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I just release App::GUI::Harmonograph for your leisure and pleasure. In case your not not an English noble man form the 18th century who could afford an Harmonograph, even though modern DIY kits are quite affordable, it is a set of set of 3 independent pendula, which move a pen and and paper to create harmonious drawings, of sometimes extraordinary elegance and richness. I got the impulse and knowledge of the apparatus from this book and refer for more background details to this publication. However, the documentation (which is also displayed by the program itself) is much more of practical use, because the WxPerl version is greatly enhanced in possibilities, not in the least for dotted lines with variable density an additional rotation movement and flowing colors.

It is a satisfying feeling to play with the knobs (and there are many, some say too many but a GUI cleanup might come) guided by you intuition and interest to create something unique and beautiful saved in a PNG, JPG or SVG file. You might even save you settings in an ini file for later refinement. as well there is a mechanism to ease the mass production of pictures.

The distro only relies on several semi core modules (Carp, File::Spec, File::HomeDir) and WxPerl, If you have issues installing that, Citrus Perl is still out there and I hope the revivification of strawberry Perl might be also a help on that front.


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