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Developer on Fire Interview

On October 22nd I was interviewed by Dave Rael for Developer On Fire podcast.

It has been an interesting experience, and Dave has been a great host making me feel very comfortable during the whole process.

I talked about Open Source, archery, cats and PostgreSQL.
Here there is something more to read about, and for listening the ="…

PGVersion: a class to manage PostgreSQL Version (strings) within a Perl 6 Program

As you probably already know, PostgreSQL has changed its versioning number scheme from a `major.major.minor` approach to a concise `major.minor` one. Both are simple enought to be evaluated with a regular expression, but I found myself wrinting the same logic over and over, so I decided to write a minimal class to do the job for me and provide several information.

Oh, and this is Perl 6 (that I'm still learning!).

The idea is to have something like the following working:

use Fluca1978::Utils::PostgreSQL::PGVersion;

for 10.1 11beta1 11.1 9.…

PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming - Quick Start Guide

Last week my book PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming Quick Start Guide was released.


The book is a Quick Start Guide, that means it goes straight to the point, in this case, programming on the server-side of PostgreSQL.

Why is this related to Perl?
Well, one very cool feature o…

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