Grants Committee 2014 first half

I wasn't able to attend YAPC::NA this year. What a shame!

I still had an opportunity to meet the TPF president, Karen Pauley in person while she was in New York. One of the topics was the Grants Committee and here are my thoughts after the discussion.

  • The Grants Committee is doing well. The bi-monthly grant cycle got positive feedback and the rule change earlier this year is making good contribution.
  • One of the most important things we now have within the committee is participation. All of the voting members have been voting to select grants and both the grant managers are working hard. And the committee members have been discussing a lot.
  • We still have room for improvements with marketing. I am testing something new, which will get the grant program known more. This should go live in a couple of months.
  • I would like to add a few more enthusiastic volunteers in the committee. I will post an announcement to recruit new people. Stay tuned!


I think it would be nice if there was a page somewhere, preferably on with the up-to-date list of currently running grants. The money allocated to them, the money already paid, links to the progress reports. And maybe even a total of budgeted money for the year which as I understood from Dan Wright is $16,000.

On a second thought, I am sure you have plenty of other things to do, so I started to collect the information myself and put up a page called the Unofficial page of The Perl Foundation Grants.


Toby, no. I mean covering all the grants, not only the "General TPF Grant". With details.

Makoto, thank you for your work. Yes, having the information in a more accessible way would be nice.

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