German Perl Workshop

I am just back from German Perl Workshop. The workshop is held every year and I finally had a chance to visit it!

I had these reasons to go:

  • Meet Perl hackers and community members who I have known online for years
  • Talk about TPF
  • Visit Perl, a small town in Germany

I'd like to express my gratitude for the organizers who worked hard to make it happen. They had to change the venue with a short notice and train track repair impacted the transportation but the organizers did a fantastic job.

My talk went well and the material is at

The key takeaway is that TPF is doing its job well but I'd like us to reach more people to help the right people and market ourselves more.

There was a BoF among TPF volunteers. Good discussion was had and we will reflect that to the organization.

I hope to see you in Munich next year. IMG_6395.jpg

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