githook-perltidy update

Last year I wrote script to automatically tidy up your Perl code as it is commited by Git. I just ironed out a final issue that had been bugging me: partially indexed files. That change plus a few documentation cleanups are now available as version 0.04 from my Github repository or as a .zip file.

I also uploaded a distribution (App-githook-perltidy) to CPAN however I'm not sure yet if it is installable as it doesn't contain any Perl module files, and cpanm at least doesn't seem to install based on distribution name only. Anyone have thoughts on if it makes sense to have a single-script CPAN distribution?

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cpanm is itself a single-script CPAN distribution.

I think each CPAN distribution needs a main module, but it doesn't need code. So just create a module only containing POD and you should be fine.

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