New githook-perltidy feature: README from POD

It has been six years since I last mentioned anything about githook-perltidy, a tool for the automatic tidying of Perl and POD files during a Git commit. I rely on it every day, and I still make minor improvements to it, so I thought it worth a quick shout out to others who haven't heard about it or upgraded for a while.

Some CPAN distribution authoring tools come with automatic README generation support. At least in the case of Module::Install::ReadmeFromPod and the various Dist::Zilla plugins I've seen, that generation occurs when Makefile.PL is run. For reasons related to my workflow, Git and GitHub, that timing is too late for me. So I've added a README generation feature to githook-perltidy. See the documentation for details.

One final thing to note. This latest round of work on githook-perltidy was triggered by an unrelated minor issue that a user raised. So don't hesitate to let the author of a tool know when you use something, and that you find it sub-optimal. It might just motivate them to do a bunch of work.

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Wow. I wish I had seen this a year ago when I wrote my own. :-)

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