sparrow - tiny web monitoring tool

Tiny but quick sparrow

Let me introduce you a sparrow - a tiny web monitoring / test tool . Tiny as project is in very alpha stage, but I hope it will grow and get mature and get used by others.

Sparrow is a console client to setup tests/monitoring infrastructure and run swat tests suites. Swat - is web test application automation framework. Sparrow provides some glue to run sparrow plugins - shareable swat tests suites.

Here is the list of some sparrow plugins created by me -

Swat was initially designed to radically increase and simplify web tests development. Another idea behind swat philosophy - is to create shareable tests suites could be reused by someone else with different context ( monitoring, QA, development, devops ) but in easy manner.

Recently I have posted a informal swat introduction paper with the list of swat test suites could be base for such a sparrow plugins.

If you are inspired in test automation development on perl we probably could go one direction. So swat/sparrow contributors are needed!

Possible impact:

  • start using swat,sparrow and sparrow plugins
  • create new sparrow plugins ( swat test suites ) - it's really easy
  • contribute to sparrow - there is some TODOs here - implementing REST API, clear up documentation and my documentations typos, (--; , etc
  • contribute to swat - the api is going to be stable, but I am open to new ideas as Russians say two heads are better then one (-;

--- Thanks, Alexey Melezhik ( the author of swat and sparrow )

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