Playing with Docker and Sparrow

Docker is quite popular solution to rapidly spin up developers environments. I have been playing with it and it seems fun for me. The other fun thing I found that Sparrow could be a good solution to build up new docker images.

Here is short example of how it could be. A few lines in Dockerfile and you have a GitPrep server up and running as docker container. Whew!

Here is my Dockerfile:

FROM perl:5.20
RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get install sudo
RUN apt-get install git-core
RUN cpanm Sparrow
RUN sparrow index update
RUN sparrow index summary
RUN sparrow plg install gitprep
RUN sparrow plg run gitprep
CMD sparrow plg run gitprep --param action=start --param start_mode=foreground

I base on official perl docker image and then let all the job to be done by sparrow gitprep plugin!

This is how one can use it:

$ git clone
$ cd docker-projects/gitprep

Build an image with target melezhik/gitprep or whatever you want. You probably will need to run this command more than once if meet "Installing the dependencies failed: Installed version (1.636) of DBI is not in range '== 1.634'" error.

$ sudo docker build -t melezhik/gitprep .

Run gitprep server

$ sudo docker run -p 10020:10020 -d -i melezhik/gitprep

Test it!



Thanks for creating GitPrep plugin.

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