sparrowdo sandbox

Hi all!

Sparrowdo is a new born #perl6 project for configuration management automation. It based on sparrow plugin system.

A user unfamiliar with sparrow or sparrowdo may check out a sparrowdo-test repository containing a ready to use sparrowdo scenarios for some typical cases , like installing packages, checking linux process and so on ...

So to start use it:

  • install sparrowdo on your "master" host
  • install sparrow ( vers >= 0.1.11 ) on your "target" host

On your "master" host:

  • git clone
  • cd ./sparrow-test/example/dir
  • sparrowdo --host=target-host # see other options in sparrowdo documentation

Basically I have tested it on some ubuntu/centos/debian boxes, if you have any issues let me know ...



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