New feature: front page pagination

Some of you may have noticed that the front page recently acquired a new “Page 2” link. This is a feature we’ve been wanting for quite some time, to help readers scan back through the thousands of entries our users have posted in the nearly three years we’ve been running.

As ever, we’d be delighted to hear about any problems you find with this (or any other aspect of the site), as well as your ideas for making the site better. Please get in touch with us, or raise an issue on GitHub.


Now one can go all the way back to page 410 (at the time of this writing) to find the inaugural post. (Unfortunately since Dave Cross has redirected his blog to his personal site, it can only be visited directly by turning off Javascript.)

Great work, Aaron :)

And for anyone who's missed it: syntax highlighting is also back!

Hmm... I wonder how I did that. I don't remember doing it.

But I'll certainly try to turn it off.

Update: Looks like that's fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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