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If you are using Docker, you may have noticed that it creates random names for containers when you haven't provided any specific name. These names are a combination of an adjective and a proper name of an individual. The individuals are famous men and women picked from the history of scientific exploration and engineering.

This package allows you to use the same system in your own programs. You would get combinations like interesting_mendeleev, epic_engelbart, lucid_dhawan, recursing_cori, ecstatic_liskov and busy_ardinghelli.

The combination boring_wozniak is not allowed because Steve Wozniak is not boring. This same limitation exists in the original code.


# As an object (if you create many, this is more efficient).
require Docker::Names::Random;

my $dnr = Docker::Names::Random->new();
my $random_name1 = $dnr->docker_name();

# As an imported function.
use Docker::Names::Random qw( docker_name );
# OR
use Docker::Names::Random qw( :all );

my $random_name2 = docker_name();

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