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A plenv plugin to add additional include directories to Perl.

This plugin sets the contents of file .perl-libdirs. It hooks into plenv-exec command and every time you run perl or any other command under plenv, plenv-libdirs uses the .perl-libdirs files to set the PERL5LIB environment variable.

plenv-libdirs makes use of .perl-libdirs files in the current working directory and every directory between it and root. Environment variable PERL5LIB has a list of paths separated (like in PATH) by a colon on Unixish platforms and by a semicolon on Windows (the proper path separator being given by the command perl -V:path_sep). When plenv-libdirs collects the paths from .perl-libdirs files, the order of the paths follows the order of the directories. The longer the path to .perl-libdirs file, the higher precedence in PERL5LIB.

Like environment variable PATH, Perl uses the paths in PERL5LIB in the order they appear. Likewise, the search paths in perl-libdirs files appear in the same order. Example: three projects in dir root: project-a has a dependency on utils and its test files have a dependency on testing-utils. Together, when working directory in /root/project-a, these would result in: PERL5LIB=/root/testing-utils/lib:/root/utils/lib

root: projects
|- .perl-libdirs: **/root/utils/lib**
|- project-a
|  |- .perl-libdirs: **/root/testing-utils/lib**
|  |- lib
|  |- t
|- utils
|  |- lib
|- testing-utils
   |- lib


$ plenv libdirs ../other-project
$ plenv libdirs
$ plenv libdirs --add /tmp/second-project
$ plenv libdirs
$ plenv libdirs --rm ../other-project
$ plenv libdirs
$ perl -M5.020 -Mstrict -W -e 'say $INC[0];'
$ plenv libdirs --unset
$ plenv libdirs


Download from GitHub:

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