Please test MITHALDU/OpenGL-0.6704_05.tar.gz

Reaching out to the Perl community at large due to this release being hardware-sensitive and feedback being most useful to me when it comes from many various hardware combinations, particularly if the graphics cards involved are older or stranger.

Please test this CPAN developers release on your platforms to confirm that
there are no regressions from the last stable release. ... Actually,
please do report any and all errors you can see, i am VERY keen to see
what other issues this throws up on different platforms.

This update has seen a LOT of changes since _03/_04, but the main ones are

  • updated and greatly automated compilation of hardware-dependent functions and constants
  • enabled hardware feature detection for compilation on windows
  • it even runs and tests successfully on a Win10 VM with OpenGL 1.1
  • updated included freeglut.dll to latest release in major version 2


Thanks to all the feedback i got, i was able to nail things down better and make a new dev release that should at least fix the glut regression:

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