First Perl Steering Council elected to replace Pumpking position

The most important Perl Governance poll yet has concluded. The position of Pumpking is no more, and is instead now held by a shared 3 person Steering Council, as defined in perlgov.pod:

To quote RJBS:

Perl has two well-defined bodies involved in its governance: a core team of a few dozen and a steering council of three people. The core team sets the rules of Perl governance, votes on membership of the two groups, and delegates substantial decision making power to the steering council. The steering council has broad authority to make decisions about the development of the Perl language, the interpreter, and all other components, systems and processes that result in new releases of the language interpreter.

Right now, the core team has 25 members, although this may change over time.

The new Perl Steering Council is now:

RJBS + Neil Bowers + Sawyer X

Thanks to all of them for stepping up and donating their efforts to the Perl community. :)

Further information on these matters can be found on the p5p mailing list and the public perl core mailing lists.

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Thanks to these people for their work in keeping things going.

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