TPF made me wait 301 hours to learn my punishment

Edit2: After further talk with CAT, i will acknowledge that it was not the intent of the CAT to make me wait, and they in fact did not even realize this was the effect.

I am the "second individual", i am intimately familiar with the events of both their investigations.

Shortly before the TPF informed me that their start-of-may update was nearly ready to be posted, i informed them that these were my expectations:

2021-04-29 19:00
> all i care about are correct, accurate, truthful and useful consequences

I was wholly disappointed.





And interestingly the moderation team saw fit to censor the submission of this post. It can still be seen directly, but is not in the feed anymore. This is notable as a wide variety of posts and comments that violate the "no personal attacks" rule, but also were in nature against the accused by the TPF, were allowed to remain up and are up to this day and hour, often with completely false claims about people. chromatic and briandfoy are currently the most (and probably only) active moderators there.

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