London Perl Workshop 2017 - Talks Review

About a week ago, I published London Perl Workshop 2017 - Report. In the previous blog, I didn't mention anything about the talks I attended. So this blog would focus more on that. First sorry for late review, no excuse is good enough.

The day started with the talk "The Art of Programming" by DrForr. Honestly speaking, it's not easy topic to talk about. Only DrForr with so much experience can do that with such ease. I enjoyed it watching attendees playing with the piece of paper. The initial plan was to stay in the same room and attend the next talk "Debian Tips and Tricks" by Lacey Powers. The main reason behind was that I had my talk scheduled just after this talk. With last minute changes, I gave my talk straight after DrForr's talk. After my talk I was relaxed and wanted to take short break, so went down straight to say "Hi" to all the sponsors. On my way, I met Colin Newell, who was probably heading to give his talk. I also met Lance Wicks for the first time, introduced by Colin. It was great talking to him and few others from CV-Library. I felt as if, it was CV-Library show going on, so many people from CV-Library actively involved in the event.

After the morning coffee break, I went to the talk "Web automation with WWW::Mechanize::Chrome" by Max Maischein. Interesting subject but very new to me. I didn't understand everything covered in the talk. However I took few pointers that I will explore later.

Then comes another talk on "Dancer2::Session::DynamoDB" by Mike Whitaker. He is one of my favorite speakers. I first attended his talk at London.PM just a month ago where he talked about what he has missed in Perl. His talk is not just informative but also fun to watch as well. I will make sure that I don't miss his talk in future. That brought to the lunch break and the opportunity to meet old faces and make new friends. During the break, I met Katherine Spice, one of the esteem member of the LPW Organizing Committee. She is so friendly with everyone.

After the lunch break, I went to attend the talk "Devel::MAT updated" by Paul Evans. This was the first time, I attended his talk and found it very interesting. I also liked the command he had over the topic. Another speaker, everyone should listen to. The next talk in my list was "Packing Perl applications for Windows with Win32::Packer" by Salvador Fandino. In the past, I struggled with this subject for one my project. After attending this talk, I was like "Why I had to go through the pain before?". I am definitely going to try this soon.

It is time for afternoon coffee break.

Now the icing on the cake "Fifteen Years of Contributing Casually" by Ann Barcomb. I must admit that I didn't know about her before. This was my first interaction with her. I liked the talk thoroughly and enjoyed every bits. At times, I felt she was telling my personal journey of recent years of contributions to CPAN. I got the opportunity to chat with her at the end of conference party downstairs.

Lightning talk was as usual fun to attend, specially, Kenichi Ishigaki.

I am an introvert by nature but this time I made conscious effort to come out of my shell and open up and chat with complete strangers. I need to work on it more.

Thanks LPW organizers, sponsors, speakers and attendees for such a great event.

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