Monthly Report - February

Back to school ...

Apology for the delay in monthly report, usually I get it released on first day of the month.

Last month was the shortest month of the year as you all know, so getting things done became relatively harder.

What is in store this time?

Well, there were two things that took away all the attentions.

500th edition of Perl Weekly newsletter

I have been a regular reader of the weekly newsletter for many years now. If you want regular dose of Perl news directly in your inbox every Monday then please do subscribe the newsletter. I joined the elite group of editors in May 2018, thanks to Gabor Szabo for giving me the opportunity. I had the honour to edit the 500th edition of the Perl Weekly newsletter. It feels nice and gives me sense of achievments.

As of today, I have edited 72 editions. It is not a small feat for me. My next target is to get to the personal 100th edition. Since I edit every alternate week i.e. 2 editions per month roughly, so to get another 28 editions done, I would have to wait for another 19 months.

You must be thinking that is a long wait. I agree but I am happy to wait. Honestly speaking, I can make the wait shorter by requesting Gabor to let me edit more often. For now, I am happy.

100th week of The Weekly Challenge

As you all know, I have been running the [The | Perl] Weekly Challenge for nearly 2 years now. Last month, we celebrated the 100th week of the journey together with 200+ members. I am hunbled by the support of Perl and Raku communities together. Looking back the start of project, it looks unreal and hard to believe all it achieved so far. The best part of the project, we not only just attracted Perl and Raku fans but also other programming languages fans e.g. Richard Park introduced APL and often shared live video session as well. We have so far received solutions in 50+ guest languages. Another highlight of the project is the weekly reviews of Perl and Raku solutions by various imminent members. Andrew Shitov started trend of reviewing Raku solutions in live video session. To celebrate the moment, I took part in the weekly challenge after a long break. I even created video to thank team members as below.

What else that kept me busy?

Since the start of the year 2021, I decided to make a comeback slow but steady. My first project of the year is Design Patterns using Modern Perl. It is something I had been thinking for sometimes. In no time, it became one of the most popular project that I have worked. Thanks for all the supports and encouragements. I have a bigger plan for it which I will share soon.

Raku added to the list of my favourite languages after taking part in the weekly challenges. I must confess I feel much better than before when coding in Raku. I even contributed to Raku Advent Calendar to show my love for the language. Months later, I converted the code into a proper Raku module and shared with the community as Games::Maze. I am planning to challenge my Raku knowledge and do something I have never done before. I will share more about the project soon.

Swift is another language, I have recently picked up while working on weekly challenge. I have contributed on/off using Swift in the past. I picked the language as I was working on a small project building mobile app for iOS. It is on hold for now. I hope to get it back on track.

With all these happenings, I decided to get my hand dirty and try Python. It has been few weeks only and nothing big to talk about. However I am working on a small project in Python that I will share with you all soon. I am currently dealing with some early blockers. Hopefully it will be back on track once I resolved the blockers. I am inspired by the work of Gabor Szabo, in particular, the work he shared on various public platforms, specially with regard to Perl and Python.

Let's take a quick look through last month main activities.

Pull Request

2 Pull Requests submitted in the month of February 2021.

2351 Pull Requests altogether.

Git Commits

744 commits recorded in the month of February 2021.

Overall 1775 commits recorded in the year 2021.

The Weekly Challenge

Following weekly challenges proposed in the month of February 2021:

And RECAPS are listed as below:

YouTube Channel

There are plenty of videos available on my YouTube Channel. If you like the video then please do subscribe to my channel so that you don't miss the weekly fun live coding videos.

I created Thank You video last month as listed above.

Meet The Champion

Last month, we declared Stuart Little as the Champion of The Weekly Challenge.

If you are interested in past champions interview then you can find it all here.

Pull Request Club

Last month, I received AudioFile::Info::MP3::ID3Lib by Dave Cross. I submitted one Pull Request and it has been already accepted and merged by Dave Cross.

Overall participation to Pull Request Club

Perl Blog

Last month, I blogged about the following topics.

Perl Weekly Newsletter

Last month, I edited two editions of The Perl Weekly Newsletter i.e. Issue #498 and Issue #500. With this, I have now edited 72 editions of Perl Weekly newsletter.


At the end of last month, February 2021, the following people / organisation supported me in the past or continued supporting me even today. I am humbled by thier generosity.

Do you want to sponsor my work?

Please follow the Patreon page.

Thank You.

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