Monthly Report - May

Time to celebrate ...

As you all know, I joined Oleeo last month, it was busy getting my head around the code base and infrastructure. I had to slow down my activities with regard to the routine Perl Weekly Challenge tasks.

I would like to talk about two happy interactions last month. Ever since I started the Perl Weekly Challenge project, I hardly find time to contribute to CPAN whether it is my personal distributions or others. The only time I contribute to others work is when I get my monthly assignment from Pull Request Club. Lets get back to the subject, last month, I received RT #136670 from James Wright with regard to my distribution App::Search::BackPAN. He pointed out the code is broken and doesn't return expected result. He even proposed the fix, which is always handy. The very same day, I had the patch uploaded to CPAN. It feels nice that someone is using my distribution and on top of that cares to raise an issue they encounter. It brought back the good old memories when I used to upload patches to CPAN every day. I did that 1027 days nonstop in the past.

The second happy moment came when a colleague in my new office, Oleeo, asked for help with my distribution Test::Excel. She wanted to compare two excel files only certain cells and ignoring rest. My existing code would only work if you provide sheet name in the specification. Since she was generating the Excel file runtime, the sheet name is not always known before. I did quick patch and added the feature to support her requirements. With little help, she finally had what we was after to begin with. I was very happy to be able to help her.

How's everything else going on in new office?

Well, things are moving slowly but steady. First couple of weeks, I looked at some of the core Perl libraries to familiarize myself. After a long time, I saw code doing hash slicing. I must admit, it confused me initially. Right now I doing some DevOps basic, getting my hand dirty with Ansible. So far so good, I hope to write some Perl code soon. The work environment is very relax and friendly. There is always someone to help you in difficult times.

Talking about my live coding sessions, I could only do few as I am too busy with my office work. Generally I don't get comment on my videos but this time I was lucky. Dave Cross commented in one of my recent videos and suggested cool hack. I am so grateful to him for his advice.

As I mentioned above, I don't get time to contribute to others distribution on CPAN, my only adventure is when I receive the monthly assignment from Pull Request Club. I noticed that most of the time, I get distributions by one author, Renee Baecker. He is my personal favourite too as I get instant response to my Pull Request. The acceptance of Pull Request is always guaranteed. I must admit, my contributions is only limited to basics and nothing extravagant. I know there are players who do serious contributions. I used to do as well in the past when I had time.

Some of my personal favourites with maximum acceptance rate.

  • Renee Baecker: PR submitted (104), Merged PR (96)
  • Gabor Szabo: PR submitted (101), Merged PR (101)
  • Dave Cross: PR submitted (32), Merged PR (32)
  • Olaf Alders: PR submitted (21), Merged PR (21)

That's it for now. Stay safe and healthy.

Let's take a quick look through last month main activities.

Pull Request

4 Pull Requests submitted in the month of May 2021.

2353 Pull Requests altogether.

Git Commits

672 commits recorded in the month of May 2021.

Overall 3803 commits recorded in the year 2021.

The Weekly Challenge

Following weekly challenges proposed in the month of May 2021:

And RECAPS are listed as below:

YouTube Channel

Last month, I created 3 videos working on various tasks of the weekly challenges.

Perl Weekly Challenge - 111 (Task #2: Ordered Letters)

Perl Weekly Challenge - 114 (Task #1: Next Palindrome Number)

Perl Weekly Challenge - 114 (Task #2: Higher Integer Set Bits)

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Meet The Champion

Last month, we declared Aaron Smith as the Champion of The Weekly Challenge.
Little late, we got one more interview done with Tyler Wardhaugh.

If you are interested in past champions interview then you can find it all here.

Pull Request Club

Last month, I received MySQL::Workbench::DBIC by Renee Baecker. I submitted one Pull Request and it has already been accepted and merged by Renee Baecker.

Overall participation to Pull Request Club

Perl Blog

Last month, I blogged about the following topics.

Perl Weekly Newsletter

Last month, I edited three editions of the Perl Weekly Newsletter i.e. Issue #510, Issue #512 and Issue #514.


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