Connecting to Oracle with a proxy connection like this:
DBI->connect( $dsn, 'user[otheruser]', 'password', $option_list)

We recently updated DBI to 1.620 and DBD::Oracle to 1.44 (late last week I think). Today I saw an error that I have never seen before (but should have). "ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit" You see otheruser has a profile that limits SESSIONS_PER_USER to one. We're creating between one and eleven of these database connections simultaneously in different processes.

So I tried it with the older install that was using DBI 1.616 and DBD::Oracle 1.30. I didn't receive the error so it appears that the SESSIONS_PER_USER profile limit was not being respected.

We're bumping up the SESSIONS_PER_USER where appropriate and adding some checks for this error condition now that it's being thrown.

I'm curious if anyone is aware of which change may have caused this to start working correctly?


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