CPAN Day: Tuesday 16th August 2016

CPAN Day marks the day when the first distribution was recorded as being uploaded to CPAN. That was 16th August 1995, so we've been uploading modules for 21 years now!

On CPAN Day you could release something to CPAN, send a pull request on someone else's distribution, blog about Perl, or just head to the pub with fellow Perl hackers.

We first marked CPAN Day in 2014, suggested by Philippe Bruhat. Following a blogging frenzy, I posted a list of ideas for things to do on CPAN Day.

2015 was the second CPAN Day, and I suggested maybe people could raise hell, or bugs on CPAN Day.

If you're looking for ideas, here are two quick suggestions:

  • Email someone whose module you regularly use, and say "thank you".
  • Look at some of the modules you use, and see if you can improve the documentation.

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