Happy Birthday, MetaCPAN!

It was exactly 1 year ago today (Nov 3, 2010) that I registered the metacpan.org domain name. Over the course of this year, the project has gone from a couple of guys writing some code to a true community effort. MetaCPAN is steadily being adopted by Perl developers around the globe and it is steadily gaining in functionality.

Together we've created a free, open, collaborative project which makes new tools available to CPAN lovers everywhere. The API has spawned some cool and very useful projects. The web site has spawned some much needed functionality in the form of diffs, syntax highlighting, author profiles etc.

What you may not know is that MetaCPAN is now set up in such a way that all resources (servers, DNS, email, domain registration, etc) can be configured by a handful of core devs. This means that if any one (or several) core devs drop out of the picture, the project can continue on as before. There is no one person who can act as a blocker to the rest of the contributors and anything which might be considered controversial requires consensus before it gets pushed to the master branch. So far, I think this has yielded good results.

For example, here's the latest roundup, which does not include numerous bug fixes and other tweaks by PERLER, among others:

Sept 6: PLU adds a contributors leaderboard

Dyn officially comes on board as our DNS sponsor

Sept 9: RWSTAUNER adds CPANRatings links to /release and /module pages

Sept 12: KENTNL adds identi.ca to author profiles

Sept 15: JROBINSON adds flattr to author profiles

DRAEGTUN adds hackernews to author profiles

Sept 19: KENTNL adds geekli.st to author profiles

Sept 27: LLAP edits learn.perl.org links to point at MetaCPAN

Oct 14: MIYAGAWA updates cpanminus to support the following syntax: "cpanm --metacpan" (code courtesy of TOKUHIROM)

Oct 16: TOKUHIROM posts his slides from his YAPC::Asia talk on MetaCPAN.

Oct 17: KENTNL comes up with a nice little hack to employ caching in MetaCPAN::API calls

Oct 18: AZAWAWI integrates MetaCPAN into Padre

Oct 19: AZAWAWI adds the ability for Padre to fetch Pod directly from MetaCPAN with the option of inserting the SYNOPSIS directly into your document

Oct 20: The video of TOKUHIROM's MetaCPAN talk is posted. That is a quick turnaround on posting video. :)

Oct 21: I add a chronologically sorted list of distributions to get a ++ on MetaCPAN. (A ++ leaderboard is also made available).

Oct 26: Dimitar Petrov now has mcpan.org online. This means converting links from search.cpan.org to MetaCPAN is as simple as adding the letter "m": search.mcpan.org

RWSTAUNER adds syntax highlighting for .c, .h and .xss See https://metacpan.org/source/DOY/Moose-2.0205/mop.c

Oct 28: RWSTAUNER adds syntax highlighting to Changes files. See https://metacpan.org/source/BRICAS/CPAN-Changes-0.18/Changes


To Olaf, congratulations for starting a successful open source project and to the whole MetaCPAN team/contributors, congratulations for a great work. Happy 1st birthday!

This is a good opportunity to mention how much you rock! Seriously.

MetaCPAN has shown it's greatness, IMHO, by bringing all these kickass people out of the woodworks, and having them work and build together this amazing ecosystem that interacts so well.

I can't think of so many projects that got people to just volunteer themselves and build new stuff around it, while feeling right at home, ya know?

Kind of hard to explain, but to anyone who's been working on projects of and within a community, MetaCPAN is a glaring example of how to do things right. It's this formula we can't really explain in so many words, but MetaCPAN definitely got it nailed!

Kudos to **everyone** involved!! :)

thank you for metacpan. happy birthday!

what i search perl module - i go to https://metacpan.org/
it is best perl source point of the world!
thanks metacpan, perl became better

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