MetaCPAN Thanks Bytemark for Two Years as a Hosting Sponsor

Today I'd like to take a moment to recognize Bytemark, which has been a MetaCPAN hosting sponsor for over 2 years now. When our original hosting sponsor was no longer able to support us, we found ourselves in a tight position. We had 30 days to find a new solution in order to keep MetaCPAN online. Thanks to a very quick response from Bytemark (and Mark Keating, who helped us set up this arrangement) we had a seamless transition to our new host and new hardware.

Since we've been hosted by Bytemark we've had access to fantastic hardware, plenty of bandwidth and rock steady uptime. We've been hosted by Bytemark since January of 2013 and we've been really happy with the arrangement. Having hosting sponsors means that we don't have to fundraise for hosting or equipment. This allows us to focus on the many other parts of our stack which require attention. We can do this knowing that we never have to worry about our hardware or network connectivity, since that is in Bytemark's capable hands.

MetaCPAN's Bytemark presence runs on three dedicated servers, with 32 GB of RAM each and both SATA and SSD disks, as well as backup systems.

All three servers are located in Bytemark's York data centre, which is connected to Bytemark's 10Gbps core network.

In the words of our sponsor:

"Sponsoring MetaCPAN makes perfect sense for Bytemark. It has the potential to save us weeks of developer time by helping our developers locate modules not included in the Perl standard distribution. Large Perl programs can use many modules, from those that interface with SQL databases to simple utilities."

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I'm still sad that has more SEO than metacpan. I'd really like to just forget about at this point.

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