(repost) TPRC 2024 Call For Papers is now open!

If you have been following along with the efforts to add a Science Track to the TPRC, now is the time to seriously consider submitting a peer reviewed paper. The TPRC Call for Papers has opened with information on submitting to any of the 3 tracks. Note that the science papers are submitted to the Perl Community's Science Perl website, which is linked in the TPRC's announcement.

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You can submit your talk Ideas at https://tprc.us/talks Talk submission deadline is April 5th, Midnight UTC. Talks must be given live and in-person. If you are looking for any talk ideas, try out the conference wiki.

New this year, we are accepting submissions for a peer reviewed Science track. Those talks should be submitted at https://science.perlcommunity.org/

Visit the TPRC 2024 website at https://tprc.us/ Follow us on Twitter: @PerlConferences Like us on Facebook: The Perl Foundation (@tpf.perl) Subscribe to the mailing list: https://tprc.us/subscribe

Any questions about the Science Track should be directed to "science at perlcommunity.org" or visit us at #science on irc.perl.org.

Looking forward to seeing all the submissions!


Brett Estrade (OODLER)

Chairman, Science Perl Committee

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