#perl6 summary for week ending 2012-08-25

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  • mhasch and colomon agreed to collaborate on Math::Polynomial. #cpan6 #dialog
  • [Coke]'s new irc bot cjbot said "14:20 < cjbot> @guhoqik tweeted ...". #perl6 #bots
  • sirrobert said "fwiw, we're close to a commercial release of our product with a p6 component. ... ~1mo. ... I've found it pretty easy to develop with so far". #p6 #news
  • Moritz said "now that zavolaj has callbacks" which led to a dialog about whether it was time to write bindings to libs like OpenGL. #rakudo #zavolaj #dialog
  • FROGGS said "we took ages to get this to work with perl5 and xs, its just like minutes using p6+NativeCall". #p6 #news
  • TimToady said "viv can now parse nearly 800 lines of viv". #p5 #news



  • This report covers a week of discussion and activity on freenode IRC channel #perl6, the center of the Perl 6 community.
  • The first commit of the week for each repo is usually included in this summary no matter how minor. Later commits to the same repo, especially ones by the same person, will typically be omitted even if major unless we really feel the need to bring it to attention. So there's a heck of a lot more committing going on than appears in this summary and a lot of it is more important than what appears here.
  • Each bullet point ends with two or more hashtags. The first indicates the bullet point's topic, eg #cpan6 if it's about a Perl 6 module, the module installer, and related topics. The last indicates what happened eg #commits if someone committed something, #dialog if a dialog ensued.
  • Written by raiph.

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