#perl6 highlights/summary for April 25th - May 1st 2013

A highlights/summary of recent activity and discussion on the #perl6 IRC channel on Freenode.net:

  • nwc10: "jnthn: WTF did you just do? nqp head is 28% faster than 5 hours ago"
  • nwc10 noted a 10-fold speed up for some NQP code: "nqp-jvm: 1.4725e+02 ... nqp-parrot: 2.0425e+03".
  • pmichaud landed Rakudo commits to "Speed up repeated shifts of large lists/arrays by 70%+" noting that "More improvements are coming; this patch just gets a couple of the current big bottlenecks out of the way".

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#perl6 Summary for 2012-09-03

The freenode IRC channel #perl6 is the heart of the Perl 6 community. Some folk like to read the daily log. But it gets long. So...

The above linked page is a new Summary mode built in to Moritz's irc logging software. At the time of writing, this Summary is the same as the the Full log except most of the…

#perl6 summaries for 2012-09-02

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Summaries of commits and other work

#perl6 highlights for week ending 2012-09-01

I (raiph) have switched to selected highlights rather than an exhaustive summary and changed some other things. I'd appreciate comments from both #perl6 regulars and those who are just reading these reports saying whether or not these changes are an improvement over last week's report. (Alternatively gmail raiph.mellor.)





  • pmichaud overhauled the Rakudo Star build process.
  • pmichaud wrote a Rakudo Star Release Guide.


  • japhb continued his discussion about perl6.org with the question "How much stylistic similarity do we want between perl6.org and its subdomains?".
  • TimToady got P5-in-P6 to a key milestone. "viv+STD_P5 now parses all of viv".