Padre 0.70 has been released.

My apologies for the late release announcement. Typically once the release has been done I then get on with the real work of stringing together enough words and sentences to convey the great work done by the volunteers within the Padre project.

However this time I've been a bit distracted with the closing down of and finding a new location for announcing Padre releases.

It makes sense that since Padre is an IDE written in Perl, that blogs. is where I've come to.

I'm not sure about previous announcements being exportable and imported into the new home, so we'll just have to hope that the history isn't completely lost with the closure of vox.

Release 0.70 is our first release without the "Unstable" tag.

That's not to say that Padre is an unstable application, we use the "Unstable" tag to identify when a fairly major and potentially disruptive change has taken place within the code, it allows us a way to keep releasing Padre versions to those who wish to install and try out the latest using the cpan client, and also lets package maintainers know that the subsequent release is best left alone and save them some time and effort should we release again in quick succession.

Overall, this tends to work well.

So it's always a pleasure to announce the first "Stable" release ( or more correctly a release that doesn't have the Unstable tag ).

Even better when the announcement comes a few days after the release and no major show stoppers have been detected.

So without further ado, I present the list of changes that made it into 0.70:

It goes with out saying that Adam Kennedy shows himself as the alpha coder for the project. Even with an Australian Federal Election to distract him, he still managed to grind through the new Task API and has done some amazing work on getting our Directory Tree widget working again, and working FAST!

Also in this release we see that Zeno Gantner has returned with a vengeance and has taken out some outstanding bugs and other annoyances that's clearly bugged him of late.

As always, translations are worthy of mention and we have a 100% update on Italian ( which is all the criteria you need to make it to the Changes file ), thanks sblandin.

The outline view has gained some Moose support thanks to DAPATRICK.

The full list of changes follows.

    - The Task 2.0 API now supports full birectional communication for all
      task classes out the box. (ADAMK)
    - Directory search now runs incrementally via background task (ADAMK)
    - Directory browse no longer infinitely recurses (ADAMK)
    - Directory tasks all support cancellation, preventing expensive tasks
      building up and killing your Padre instance (ADAMK)
    - Subroutines declared using syntax provided by Method::Signatures
      ("func", "method"), MooseX::Method::Signatures ("method"), and
      MooseX::Declare ("method") are now supported in the Outline and
      Functions view (DAPATRICK)
    - Updated German translation (ZENOG)
    - Updated Italian translation (SBLANDIN)
    - Fixed typos in share/languages/perl5/perl5.yml (ZENOG)
    - Added keyboard shortcuts to refactoring features "rename variable"
      and "extract subroutine" (ZENOG)
    - Fixed small translation problem in ActionLibrary (ZENOG)
    - Fix #411: working version of the keyboard shortcut editor (ZENOG)
    - The startup splash is now disabled by default. Padre starts up very
      quickly these days, and delaying image loading should reduce the
      per-thread memory cost more (ADAMK)
    - Fix MIME type setting via menu (ZENOG)
    - mark nl_be as not supported (ZENOG)
    - partial fix for #452: 'focus order in Replace dialog' (ZENOG)
    - Fix focus order in Find dialog (ZENOG)
    - Close replace dialog on Escape key in all cases (ZENOG)

Following this release, there will be a version numbering change. It's still not finalised yet, but once it is we'll make sure an announcement is made to keep anyone interested up to date.

As always, a release announce will make it clear - I hope - where Padre is at, including where things end up with the versioning.

If you find yourself at a loose end feel free to drop into the #padre channel on you'll get a commit bit and you too can make a difference!


When I enable "outline tab" on the right pane in Windows.
Many "main"s are generated repeatedly on tree sturcture.

I've upgraded my Padre on Strawberry from 0.56 to 0.70. The upgrade went smoothly, and took about 15 minutes via I think the previous time it took an hour, so that's cool. Also, memory consumption has dropped, as previously an empty Padre instance used 110MB of RAM, and now "only" 78MB... It's still ridiculously much, but it's definitely much better.

What is not cool is that now, when starting up the first instance of Padre, there is an empty "console" window. The icon is the blue butterfly. I can manually close it, and the editor keeps working...

Running "padre.exe" from the command line doesn't return until the editor is closed.

I don't know what changed, but Padre didn't do that in 0.56. (Or maybe it did, and I fixed it myself, but if that's the case, I don't remember how.) Windows XP, BTW.

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