Padre 0.74 has been released.

Padre 0.74 has been uploaded to pause and is in the queue for indexing and replication to your favourite CPAN mirror.

So while all that happens, lets take a look at what has been happening since 0.72.

Well, plenty of fixes, and a fair amount of work done with the Plugins and converting them to Dist::Zilla by Ahmad Zawawi. The changes file doesn't really show the work that goes into the Plugins, but keeping one eye on the irc logs shows plenty of commits from Ahmad between releases.

Many of the plugins for Padre reside in the same SVN repository as Padre itself, so if you find an itch that needs scratching, you don't have far to look to start scratching.

Zeno Gantner is finding time to work on bits of Padre even with a rather hectic sounding life at the moment.

After a fairly long run of commits working on core elements of Padre's subsystems - notably Task 2.0 and the Directory Tree ( now known for what it really does, Project Browsing ); Adam Kennedy has taken a breath from Padre development - only to be out of breath doing something crazy like Roller Derby - that's right I double blinked too when it was mentioned in irc.

On that topic - not Roller Derby - the Directory Tree widget has caused some confusion about its role and use, for some time it has been a Directory Browser, but has very strong integration and "knowledge" of a project. With the re-write of the Task subsystem Adam re-wrote the directory tree, bringing with it tighter project integration.

So for this release the View Menu now has "Project Browser/Tree" rather than Directory Tree, the project browser is just that.

Some work has been done to improve the context menu, with further work to be done over the next few releases.

With that, lets take a look at the changes for release 0.74.

Ahmad Zawawi has been busy again this release:

    - Fix #1023: Outline view creates multiple "main" on Windows (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Perl 6 Outline support (AZAWAWI)
    - The plug-in menu is properly refreshed after closing the key bindings
      dialog (AZAWAWI)
    - Added the experimental wizard selector dialog which is enabled by
      the 'feature_wizard_selector' configuration setting (AZAWAWI)
    - Quick fix feature is now disabled until it is stable again. You can
      enable it again by using the 'feature_quick_fix' configuration setting
      in the Tools/Preferences/Advanced dialog and then restart Padre (AZAWAWI)
    - The default editor font should be Consolas 10pt on Vista and Windows 7
    - Updated wxwidgets.pod to include a copyright and license section for
      Debian compatibility (AZAWAWI)
    - Bumped Locale::Msgfmt dependency to 0.15 (AZAWAWI)
    - Moved wxwidgets.pod to Padre::Plugin::WxWidgets. Please install it if you
      need such support (AZAWAWI)
    - Added win32 version information to padre.exe. This enables the task manager
      to display a better descriptive name of the padre.exe process. (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre version is now patched into the win32 executable's manifest and
      resource files during build time (AZAWAWI)

Zeno Gantner has done a bit on the Project Tree and of course fixing other annoying bug this release:

    - Fix #926 completely: Esc key does not always work in regex editor (ZENOG)
    - automagic MIME type detection: check first for XHTML, then XML, then
      HTML; more flexible XML detection (ZENOG)
    - Fix #1029: '"delete trailing spaces" puts the cursor to the start of
      the document' (ZENOG)
    - Fix #982: '"open file" from directory window has no effect' (ZENOG)
    - Directory tree: "browse" after creating directories and deleting files
    - Directory tree: support deletion of directories (ZENOG)
    - Update German translation (ZENOG)

And Adam Kennedy has added a commit or two to the repo while being bashed by chicks on roller skates! ( True or not, it's too good not to mention :) )

    - Directory tree right-click refresh now triggers a "rebrowse" task to
      synchronise all filesystem changes from disk to the tree (ADAMK)
    - Find in Files sets the default search text properly (ADAMK)

So that's about it for this release, as always, drop on by the #padre channel on

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