Padre 0.78 has been released - the late announcement...

Well, for those of you who have installed Padre from CPAN recently or who upgrade frequently, will know that Padre is now on CPAN and it's at version 0.78.

I've been rather slow getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break, so after rolling out the release, I promised to myself that I'd get the announcement done the following night, only to become distracted with pretty much everything and anything else.

So for those of you who actually track changes to Padre via these announcements, my apologies for my apathy.

To be honest, I really thought that development might have taken a bit of a back seat over the break, however the Changes file indicates this isn't the case, even with Adam Kennedy being busy coding on a project in SDL that Kartik Thakore some how goaded him into. ;)

So the quick summary for Padre: "Making Padre play nicer when working with projects on locally mounted remote filesystems" - Adam Kennedy #padre.

Given the summary belongs to Adam, following are his changes for this release:

    - The nytprof.out and nytprof HTML report directories are added to the
      default ignore logic for Perl project (ADAMK)
    - On a slow filesystem where the directory browser is slow to fill
      directory expansion controls, the fill will no longer be aborted if
      you quickly expand a subdirectory. Both will occur in parallel (ADAMK)
    - FindInFiles was using path objects incorrectly when communicating
      between the task and the parent (ADAMK)
    - FindInFiles was trying to use a directory node, but wasn't merging the
      file nodes together under it. Removed directory nodes until a better
      implementation is written (ADAMK)
    - Created Padre::Wx::TreeCtrl::ScrollLock to abstract the workaround
      you need to use to update trees without them snapping to nodes
      that you ->Expand, and applied it to the directory tree and
      the Find in Files result tree (ADAMK)
    - When closing panels that do background tasks, do a last-minute task
      reset operation to cancel any active background tasks (ADAMK)
    - The Find in Files and directory tree background tasks now supports
      cancel messages properly, both per-directory and per-file (ADAMK)
    - The directory tree background search now correctly clears the status
      bar when it is cancelled (ADAMK)
    - Additional fixes for maximise-at-startup issues on Windows, which
      now should FINALLY work properly everywhere (ADAMK)
    - When shutting down the task manager, force-empty the queue early and
      send a 'cancel' message to any workers still actively running before
      we send the final 'stop' message (ADAMK)
    - Fixed a massive performance bug in directory tree ->refill method,
      which was triggering one background thread for every expanded tree
      node. This was leading to thread storms, major leakage, and hanging
      of the editor when changing between projects (ADAMK)
    - When exiting directory tree search mode, we now restore the tree
      correctly from the stashed results instead of scanning again (ADAMK)
    - If open selection finds a Module/ in the lib of your current
      project, it stops looking for other possibilities since the version
      in your project is almost certainly the one you want. (ADAMK)

Ahmed also chipped in with a few fixes:

    - Fix #833: Syntax error crash padre when trying to debug (AZAWAWI)
    - Perl error diagnostics is properly shown in a help panel instead
      of being a child of an issue (AZAWAWI)
    - Open selection can now find executable programs in the current PATH

Sebastian fixed a crashing bug:

    - Fix a rare crash condition when TaskHandle had no task (SEWI)

And Zeno kept the German Translation up to date:

    - Update German translation (ZENOG)

Oh, and Zeno also gets a mention for reminding me to get the release announcement done. It wasn't that I'd forgotten, it was just something I'd managed to keep putting off. I promise not to be so slack for the rest of the time I hold the job of doing the releases, which might come to an end sooner rather than later if I keep running late for the announcements!

So that's "it" for this release. Pretty amazing really given that I'd thought that things would be much more quieter over the break.

It's fair to say that for the most part development has slowed somewhat, so we'll see how it goes as the new year proceeds. Adam has already said in #padre he wants to spend time rounding out implementations within Padre that aren't fully cooked, that's always a good thing.

Gabor continues to make noise and raise interest in Perl and its community, so we'll see how he goes with time slicing with Padre development.

If you're a perl hacker and looking for an interesting project, Padre is certainly a good place to check out. I made my initial start picking low hanging fruit. While there isn't as much as there once was there are plenty of outstanding tickets against Padre, feel free to check out the outstanding tickets:, drop by the #padre channel on ask questions, write code or documentation or even update translations, there is always plenty to do.

Well, that's it for this release, I'll do much better next time with being in sync for the 0.80 release.

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