Padre 0.80 has been released.

Padre has hit version 0.80. I guess it's not a big deal, but you need to lead with something.

Adam Kennedy is by far the most prolific contributor for this release, clearly there are a few things that need scratching.

It seems though that this release was rolled out just in time for him to injure his wrist skating, not sure if it was roller skating or roller blading, so we may see a slow down from Adam for a while. Time will tell of course:

- Added a dwell timer via Padre::Wx::Role::Dwell (ADAMK)
- The directory tree search box now has a 1/3rd second dwell (ADAMK)
- Find in Files results convert tabs to 4 spaces to avoid the ugly
squares in the results (ADAMK)
- Delay loading some modules and removed some other entirely, reducing
startup memory cost and IO by 10-15% when few features are on (ADAMK)
- Upgraded Plugin compatibility detection to avoid having to load the
dependencies and read variables from the files instead. Saves 2-3meg
of RAM and allows better scaling of the plugin system (ADAMK)
- Fixed Padre::Util::parse_variable so we no longer need to make use
of ExtUtils::MakeMaker and ExtUtils::MM_Unix->parse_version (ADAMK)
- Support for more extensive Padre::DB customisation via ORLite 1.48
and its new shim => 1 option (ADAMK)
- Completed first-generation Portable Perl support for Padre (ADAMK)
- Add support in Padre::Project for intuiting project versions (ADAMK)
- Prevent history boxes writing a history entry for every character
instead of every search in Find/FindInFiles dialogs (ADAMK)
- Port the Find Dialog as is to wxFormBuilder (ADAMK)
- Prevent directory tasks running on bad or missing paths (ADAMK)
- Found a workaround to weird Win32 window Raise/Lower bugs, so now
Padre always raises to the foreground correctly when using the
single instance server (ADAMK)
- Save Intuition is disabled in null projects to prevent creating files
like ".../My Documents/lib/Foo/" (ADAMK)
- The Task Manager will now attempt to maximise background worker
specialisation so we need to load less total modules, hopefully
reducing memory consumption (ADAMK)
- Closing files is faster (and the task manager is stressed less) as
we no longer accidentally do a full refresh twice when closing
documents other than the last one (ADAMK)
- Restored radio select indicator to Style and View Document As...
menus, they were lost in the move to the ActionLibrary (ADAMK)
- Fixed #1093. The natural zoom of a scintilla window is around the wrong
way, hijack ctrl-scroll and reverse it to the right way (ADAMK)
- Find in Files directory recursion now happens ordered (ADAMK)

From the list of things from Adam we can see more work done to reduce Padre's memory footprint with delayed module loading, and some task trickery to reuse worker tasks that have run before and are idle and available, along with bug fixes in the Save Intuition, which if you aren't aware of it, Save Intuition will look at the module you are working on and from that intuit where to save the file.

For example if you have been working on module Foo::Bar, it will save under the directory Foo in your project. A nice touch when you get used to it, and as someone said "you really miss it when you don't have it".

Apart from the commits from Adam, the Changes for this release of Padre include a fix from Gabor to reduce warnings, the German translation being kept up to date and a quick enhancement from me that warns when saving a file without a file extension:

- use Text::FindIndent 0.10 to eliminate some warnings #1089 (SZABGAB)
- Update German translation (ZENOG)
- Enhancement, ticket #1027 When saving a file without a file extension
you are now prompted and provided a list of suitable extensions to
name your file. (PLAVEN)

Padre 0.80 is presently uploading and moving through pause to a cpan mirror near you.

As always swing on by the #padre channel on and say hi, raise an issue or just plain lurk to see what's going on, you never know, you might find yourself hacking on an interesting project that makes coding perl fun.


And by Padre, I assume you mean Padre, right? Gotta keep SEOing, y'know ;)


I just checked on Google and for me searching for Perl IDE Padre is the first hit but searching for Perl editor is only on 7th place.

So let's reinforce both links:
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Thanks for your hard work!

The really big feature for this release is actually the completion of Portable Perl support, as you can now run Padre from Strawberry Portable and it will remember paths properly as the install moves between multiple drive letters.

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