Padre 0.84 has been released...

Version 0.84 of Padre, the Perl IDE, has just been uploaded to PAUSE.

This release continues down the path of improvements, bug fixes and translations. The changed release process seems to have improved the translations committed to Padre prior to release, which is a big win for Padre in the multilingual stakes. The efforts of the translators are greatly appreciated by the Padre team, and I'm sure all speakers of a language other than English when they see their Perl IDE of choice in their native language.

Working on a large project, and Padre is certainly that, you appreciate the efforts of those who contribute a lot and those who contribute a little, it all makes a big difference. What we don't always see is the persistence of some of the contributors to actually make a big difference in the ultimate release that makes it to CPAN.

We have seen a couple of new names pop up, again, with out any mapping table to speak of, I'll list some names that are either CPAN names, names in IRC, or full names when I know them, so please, if you find you name in lights in an announcement and you want your full name, then feel free to introduce yourself to me in the #padre channel on

fenderson - brother of SawyerX of Dancer fame - is one such name that arrived some weeks back who has been working on testing the GUI more thoroughly than the automated tests can do prior to each release.

Watching him wrestle with svn, branches, building etc is testament to his commitment to make a difference, Gabor Szabo's patience in the IRC channel explaining things doesn't go unnoticed! :)

Oren Maurer - I know by name as we have had a few emails pass between us this week - also showed that somethings aren't as simple as we think they are, but again showed tenacity and patience while we stepped through the process of switching an svn working copy to the release branch to commit changes to the he.po for the Hebrew language in Padre. Thanks Oren!

Our list of translators for Padre for 0.84 are:

zipf for Spanish,
jagd for zh-cn - Chinese,
thecrux for Russian,
meorero for Hebrew and
Zeno Gantner who updated the German language file just before the release branch was made.

Changes for this release are again broken out and grouped by who made the commit, not by chronological or commit order.

Zeno Gantner has been busy this release with changes in various parts of Padre:

    - Function and TODO list: also handle Esc when focus is on the list (ZENOG)
    - Function and TODO list: remove unnecessary EVT_KILL_FOCUS handler (ZENOG)
    - Outline: simplify method 'select_line_in_editor' (ZENOG)
    - Fix #967: Reset Focus (ZENOG)
    - Add tooltips to "Open Resource" dialog (ZENOG)
    - Fix #1078: 'Open Resource' should find things like 'Wx::Dialog' (ZENOG)
    - 'Open Resource': set focus to text field on character input in the list
      box, fix tab order (ZENOG)
    - Rename 'Open Resource' to 'Open Resources' to reflect the fact that it
      can open several files at once (ZENOG)
    - Remove unnecessary file deletion in Document::Perl::Syntax - this is done
      automagically by File::Temp (ZENOG)
    - Center the highlighted search term so that the context is visible (ZENOG)
    - Fix #1153: %p, %f, etc. do not work for in window title (ZENOG)
    - Update German translation (ZENOG)

As ever, the industrious Adam Kennedy found improvements to Padre, along with his current kick for Roller Derby and who knows how many other side projects:

- Added Padre::Task::File to allow non-blocking deletion of temporary
directories in the background once they are of no further use (ADAMK)
- The Recent Files menu now supports UNC paths on Windows (ADAMK)
- The Recent Files menu is now generated in a background task to prevent
long IDE blocking, such as when checking -f over a network mount (ADAMK)
- Padre::PluginHandle will parse_variable the version of crashed or
incompatible plugins rather than return '???' (ADAMK)
- The PluginManager dialog can now correctly distinguish between broken
plugins and merely incompatible plugins (ADAMK)
- The ProjectManager won't shortcut the file->project detection for
previously intuited projects without secondary evidence such as a
padre.yml file or a Makefile.PL (ADAMK)

Sebastian Willing and fenderson worked on a bug that caused Padre to crash:

- Padre crashed on error in TODO list regex, fixed (FENDERSON, SEWI)

Sebastian also fixed the regex editor

- Fix #1140: RegEx editor reversed flags when inserting (SEWI)

Gabor also found time to work on the code in Padre:

    - Eliminate crash in PPI Standard Syntax highlighter #1109 (SZABGAB)
    - Eliminate crash when opening recent file #1148 (SZABGAB)
    - Stop jumping to first character when Goto "string" #1149 (SZABGAB)
    - After the making changes in the Advanced Preference Editor
      apply those changes. (fixing #1150) (SZABGAB)
    - Add configuration option main_statusbar_template to allow the
      user to fine tune the status bar #1104 (SZABGAB)
    - Find the cpanm also if it is "only" in the PATH. 
      e.g. when using local::lib (SZABGAB)

And finally Ahmed Zawawi gets a mention:

    - Fixed #1136: The syntax checker often marks the wrong line in a package

What you don't see here though is the start of some very exciting work by Ahmed, which if all goes well will get more coverage in future release announcements, and likely in blogs around the net.

So "that's it" for this release, plenty of people making a big difference.

As always, feel free to drop on by the #padre channel on to say hi, ask questions or just hang out because you have nothing better to do, we really don't mind.

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