Padre 0.94 has been released... the annoucement is late!

Happy new year, Gong Hei Fat Choi ( seems there's more than one way to type that! ). I only added that in so we can claim we got a new Padre release out just after the new year... not saying which new year though...

It has been a while since Padre, the Perl IDE version 0.92 was released. The last release was november last year!

It became clear that Padre would not be ready for a pre-Christmas release, Adam Kennedy wanted more time to work on the bits of Padre that needed work. Looking at the Changes file, there was plenty.

This release should really be dedicated to Adam, the Changes file is testamony to this.

I asked Adam in IRC what the main items for this release were:

  • Search and Replace is far better than it was before,
  • File type filtering and the MIME sub system has been reworked,
  • The user interface got some polishing,
  • Focus control has been improved,
  • Version control improvements,
  • Preferences dialog improved,
  • and the debugger GUI.

Speaking of the debugger, Kevin Dawson kept polishing the internal Debugger, and it's said that the Debugger is just that little bit better for this release.

With Adam finally happy enough with trunk, it was decided to get 0.94 released and uploaded to CPAN as it meant that another side project, the Form Builder Plugin, could be released.

It does mean that translations for 0.94 is not as high as it normally is.

It's planned for 0.96 to have translations higher with a string freeze and work to be done around performance of Padre as we run up to 1.0.

Hopefully by now your local CPAN mirror has the new Padre, I'm still waiting on mine, so if you find any problems please don't hesitate to drop by the IRC channel #padre on and let us know.

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under version 0.96 under windows 7 & 8 64bit proff. debugger does not work. It is impossible to trace program step by step.

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