Padre 0.98 has FINALLY been released.

Padre, the Perl IDE, is the work of a number of people with the goal of creating an IDE written in Perl itself.

Padre 0.98, according to the Release History page has finally been released 1 year and 1 week after 0.96.

This is a long time between releases. In part this can be put down to me as the Release Manager. As things go, we all have interests and busy times in our lives that can take us away from projects that we give up our free time to contribute to. For me, it's been a case of discovering photography. So instead of looking at code I'm looking at images I have taken.

This has meant, that try as I might, I never focused back on Padre and releasing Padre enough to get the new version out the door.

Well, tonight Padre 0.98 finally hits PAUSE.

There was a legitimate hold up with the release of Padre for a while. IO::Socket::IP is a required module for the Debugger client and a recent update to this module broke on Windows Vista, my usual test box when building Padre for release.

After some too-ing and fro-ing in the dev mailng list discussing if we should release with a known issue for IO::Socket::IP, IO::Socket::IP was updated with a fix for the Windows problems. This meant that Padre was free of any major blockers for the final release.

It does mean that you may have to update IO::Socket::IP to the latest if Padre fails to install.

With 0.98 finally rolled out, there are as usual a lot of people to thank for their continued efforts in improving Padre.

As it is now getting late here, and I'm still in my sports gear, I won't have the usual detailed run down of changes for this release. However I will mention that Kevin Dawson (bowtie) has been keeping the Padre fires burning with a huge number of changes listed in the Changes file.

Adam Kennedy's name pops up a few times fixing things that no doubt annoy him in his use of Padre.

I don't tend to hang around the irc channel as much these days, but there are still quite a few people in there, so feel free to drop into #padre on to ask questions.

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have dwimperl installed with padre .94
how can i update padre to the new version?
thanks in advance folks

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