Rakudo Star Install Party

Hi Mongers,

I'd like to offer my place in Bernal Heights Tuesday next week from 7:30pm until whenever for a Raduko Star installation & Perl 6 lightning talks. As some of you know a significant milestone in Perl 6's release history is coming up this Thursday, http://rakudo.org/node/73 and what better way to get through an install than with local PM'ers!

For those that haven't been chez moi we have a basement, bar, projector, wifi, yard, BBQ, etc so we can eat, drink & give presentations. There's space for at least a dozen seated inside, and more outside (for those that can withstand the Day Star).

Who's interested in something like this? How about giving a talk?
Doesn't need powerpoint but we have a screen & sound if you do.
Anything at all raduko/perl6 related seems cool. Ping me off-list and I'll collate.

What: Rakudo Star Install Party
When: Tuesday 3rd August 2010, 19:30 'til (e.g.) 22:00
Where: Paul's place, SF, 94110 (address on RSVP)
What to bring: computer, snacks & drinks (although I'll seed unless someone wants to sponsor it?!). We could even BBQ!

Bonus feature: there's a ton of interesting links in bite-sized chunks at http://twitter.com/rakudoperl


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RSVP at Meetup - http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Perl-Mongers/calendar/14243128/


Wow, that sounds very good... Too bad SF is far away from Barcelona. Good luck and have fun!

BTW, App::PM::Announce looks great, i'll try it :)

Half way around the world for me too, otherwise I'd be there in a blink of the eye.

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