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New WWW::Salesforce release and maintainer

I've taken over the maintainership role for WWW::Salesforce and have pushed out a maintenance release that resolves some long standing issues.

0.12 Tue Aug 17 19:34:00 2010 PST
- New maintainer PHRED
- Thanks to Mark Stosberg for several patches for this version
- Die with an error string instead of carping and returning
- Skip tests in automated testing mode
- Skip tests unless user, pass, and sectoken environment vars set

Perlmongers Dinner

a few drinks after for those interested. This will mostly
be a planning meeting for future meetings, but all are welcome
for Perl discussion and agreat food.

"Naan-N-Curry" at 336 O'Farrell Street, between Mason and Taylor.,+San+Francisco,+CA+94102,+USA

This place has moved around a few times, and has many satellite
locations now, so look at that address carefully. This is across the
street from the Hilton, and next to th…

Photos from the Perl-Critic talk

Graciously taken by Julian Cash Photography. grant funding proposal to TPF up for public review

A grant proposal I wrote for is up for public review. All views welcome -

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