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We'll have another hack session at Quetzal Internet Cafe in the
middle of October. The location is close to Civic Center BART,
and the 38, 47, and 49 bus lines. Come bring you laptop and hack on your
favorite CPAN module, and chat with fellow Perl Mongers.

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Next Tuesday in Bernal Heights from 7:00pm until whenever.

For those that haven't been chez Paul we have a basement, bar, projector, wifi, yard, BBQ, etc so we can eat, drink & give presentations. There's space for at least a dozen seated inside, and more outside (for those that can withstand the Day Star).

We'll be hacking on whatever, or just shooting the breeze about Perl.

What: Hackathon
When: Tuesday 28th September 2010, 19:00 'til Paul kicks us out.
Where: Paul's place, …

Apache::Test 1.33 shipped

Big thanks to all contributors, summary of changes is as follows.

  • Propagate APACHETESTNOSTICKYPREFERENCES to the Apache environment for mod_perl configurations (Apache::TestConfigPerl),
    [Torsten Foertsch]

  • Provide build/test environment for modules bundled with mod_perl like Apache::Reload and Apache::SizeLimit
    [Torsten Foertsch]

  • The CN in server certificates generated by Apache::TestSSLCA will now match the servername passed to t/TEST.
    [Joe Orton]

  • Add check for automated testing environment variable before prompting with EU::MM to quit the test suite. Some automated smoke tests were failed because the EU::MM prompt was timing out.
    [Adam Prime, Fred Moyer]

    use TAP::Harness for Apache::TestHarnessPHP
    [Mark A. Hershberger]

    Fix error where non root user gets test failure with httpd suexec and mod_fcgid
    [Peter (Stig) Edwards]

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