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Any::URI::Escape percent encoding issues

In case you haven't seen it yet, Mark Stosberg posted an excellent analysis of percent encoding issues in several CPAN modules, including Any::URI::Escape, a module I whipped up one weekend - January 2011 - blekko: a web-scale search engine written in perl

Our 2011 January meeting will feature Greg Lindahl speaking about blekko. Location forthcoming.

blekko is a new Web-scale search engine, offering focused searching using "slashtags", which enable you to restrict search results to the specific sites of actual interest. We'll use some open-source slashtags as examples. The rest of the talk will focus our implementation of the search engine and the underlying NoSQL database using Perl+XS, Map/Reduce done better, tuning Linux for good performance, etc.

Greg Lindahl is CTO at blekko. He was previously a founder at PathScale, where… December Social

Come one, come all to the San Francisco Perl Mongers December Social at Citizen Space on Tuesday December 21st at 7pm. Bring your laptop, some holiday libations, yummy appetizers, and any other holiday treats to share with the group.

If you can bring something specific like a potluck item, or soda, or wine, please post it on the Meetup board or the mail list so we can be loosely coordinated. There may be impromptu lightning talks, or karaoke, but that really depends on who motivates. Have a wii or guitar hero game? Bring it!


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