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Talk: Structured Wikis at Work - Enterprise 2.0 in Action

A enterprise wiki enables teams to organize and share content and knowledge in an organic and free manner, and to schedule, manage and document their daily activities. A wiki can also be used as an intranet where employees contribute content collaboratively, replacing a webmaster maintained intranet.

This talk explains how wikis can be used at the workplace, including initial rollout, social aspects and security concerns. It also explains how teams can use TWiki, a leading open sou…

Dear LazyPerl

I'm looking for a Catalyst or other Perl based application framework that will do standard CRUDS (CReate, Update, Delete, Search) functions. I've seen a few of the online writeups about how different people put these together in as few lines as possible, but I'm more looking for one that I can just install via CPAN, configure a database connection, and start the server.

Any suggestions?

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