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Looks like O'Reilly is offering certifications certificates for Perl programming. This is huge, I think they are the first entity to offer something like this.


Hi Phred

This has been tried years if not decades ago, and not just by Microsoft/Oracle/etc/etc.

The problem is: Is the hidden agenda to emotionally blackmail companies into thinking they can only trust Perl/X/Y/Z programmers if they (the latter) have a certain piece of paper from a certain organization?

Hint: I suspect the correct answer is "Yes" :-(.


The certificate problem will always be an issue.

Good to see Perl included in that list, though.

This is not a Perl Programming Certification. This is a certification that you took the class: "Completion of the 4-course series earns students a Certificate of Professional Development from the University of Illinois. All courses are certified by the University of Illinois Department of Computer Science, and students receive Continuing Education Credits upon completion of each course in the series."

I doubt that there is a nefarious plan at work there as you suggest.

No, but the danger of unintended consequences of that sort is real.

To be a cynic here for a moment, in times of famine I guess you diversify…

Read through that whole post of Randal's. I think for my purposes a Perl cert from OST is a "good" thing as it helps *me*.

You missed the other fix. It's not O'Reilly offering the certificates. It's the University of Illinois that offers them.

And, none of this is new. They've been doing it for years.

I know. :)

nevertheless this is the first time I heard of it. I might try my hand at the advanced or applied. its always good to brush up things, gives you a perspective on what you've learned since the last time you picked up the book. ;)

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