Request sent for String::Strip comaintainership

String::Strip has a problem on 64 bit environments, and a release has not been made in over 10 years. I have sent an email to asking for COMAINT as the author has apparently not been responding to RT tickets.

If anyone sees this post and has the magic powers to make this happen, I'd be very appreciative if they could help out.


This post was a good first step. You'll want to read up here for details on the entire process of this though:

The FAQ (already linked to by Mithaldu) seems to be saying you need to write to and bug them about it there.

I say "seems to", because it's the kind of writing where they really don't want to tell you what you need to do, because they'd rather you found another solution besides bugging them.

In the interest of keeping the namespaces as clean as possible, if what you are trying to do is update the existing on, you really should just get the comaint bit, rather than uploading something else. Unless of course, you are going to change the scope or the API that is.

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