Installing all CPAN modules

Is there a bundle out there of all CPAN modules? I'm looking to install every single module on CPAN onto a machine.


There is Bundle::Everything, but it's a bit out of date and not complete anyway. It has a lot of stuff in it, though.

Sounds like you want to make a CPAN mirror.

Also look at CPAN::Mini, it might help

I wonder how long that would take.

You won't be able to install *every* module since some are specific to an operating system. You won't get Win32::* and Mac::Carbon on the same machine for instance. But, that's a bit niggling.

What are you going to do after you install the modules? :)

Use them to calculate all the decimals of pi.

Because sometimes some just isn't enough.


I can definitively inform you that all the decimals of pi match /[0-9]+/.

No need to thank me.



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