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SOAP::Lite 1.0 is out

SOAP::Lite rides again! I've made some fairly big changes to the interactive build file, as well as fixed several issues. Chances are I may have broke something, but if so please let me know an I'll get a fix out. 1.01 is due out tonight as a matter of fact.

1.0 July 16, 2013
! #85713 SOAP::Transport::HTTP, 500 error skips parsing of response
! No more Windows 98 client support. Wait, wut?
! Merge SOAP::Transport::TCP back into SOAP::Lite (for now)
! #82416: xop href cid: URI encoded support reported by Michael R. Davis (mrdvt92)
! #85…

The state of SOAP::Lite - here comes 1.0

I'm about to do something. I'm going to release SOAP::Lite 1.0. And it may break on your implementation. But it may also just work. I've been struggling with how to approach refactoring the monster Makefile.PL, so I've decided to gut it and replace it with something simple. The test suite is robust, so if it does break on your usage, you probably know how to install the needed dependencies, and it will be no big deal.

Things will get a bit bumpy here, but I appreciate your patience. And patches. The new official SOAP::Lite source code repository is at ="https://github.com/redho…

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