SOAP::Lite 1.0 is out

SOAP::Lite rides again! I've made some fairly big changes to the interactive build file, as well as fixed several issues. Chances are I may have broke something, but if so please let me know an I'll get a fix out. 1.01 is due out tonight as a matter of fact.

1.0 July 16, 2013
! #85713 SOAP::Transport::HTTP, 500 error skips parsing of response
! No more Windows 98 client support. Wait, wut?
! Merge SOAP::Transport::TCP back into SOAP::Lite (for now)
! #82416: xop href cid: URI encoded support reported by Michael R. Davis (mrdvt92)
! #85208 bad test plan
! #83750 different headers for mod_perl vs mod_perl2 [Mithun Bhattacharya]


Thanks for picking up the maintenance for SOAP::Lite. It's still a piece of infrastructure used by many other modules.

Can you (or Martin Kutter, or Byrne Reese) maybe also remove the sourceforge page or point it to github? Now it seems the project is not active if you look there where actually it IS active again now.

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