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I've had a somewhat productive week releasing updates to some of the modules I maintain.

SOAP::Lite had 2 releases this week:

1.08 November 8, 2013
! #15703 add no_index for examples to prevent CPAN pollution []

1.07 November 7, 2013
! #89948 Remove warning when Content-Id is not present

WebService::MES 0.01 was released which is my first attempt at a simple interface into the Merchant e-Solutions API.

I was just granted COMAINT to Archive::Zip, and 1.32 is enroute to CPAN.

1.32 Fri 8 Nov 2013
- Unlink temp files generated by tempFile. [PHRED]

1.31_04 Fri 14 Oct 2011 - Alan Haggai Alavi
- Updated Perl dependency to 5.006 to reflect implicit dependencies
in the code exposed by Perl::MinimumVersion xt test (ADAMK)
- Fixes: #68446: Set compressed size and uncompressed size of an entry to 0
if either of them is 0 (HAGGAI)
- Added $VERSION to crc32 (ADAMK)

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