This Week in PSC (086)

We're trying out new ways to send out these regular announcements of what we get up to on the Perl Steering Council. This will be a regular posting that gives a brief summary of what we discussed in our weekly (or at least, near-weekly, give or take scheduling clashes) meetings.

  • Internals docs (such as perlguts, perlapi) could be done better, but it's unclear how. Some new documents might be useful, but there's a risk of spending too much time on obscure internal specifics that almost nobody will ever need to read about or touch.
  • Smartmatch deprecation continues. Philippe has sent patches to CPAN modules that may be affected. autodie still needs some further work.
  • (As alluded to by this very blog post) we discussed communication strategies for user-facing news announcements. Thoughts are to post here on and send links elsewhere - such as Twitter, Reddit, etc.. We don't have a good feel for where folks will find it, so we'll just have to adapt as we go.
  • The module_true branch which implements the RFC is now merged and will be default in use v5.38. This will mean you no longer need to remember that final 1; line at the end of your module file.

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Thoughts are to post here on and send links elsewhere

I think having a dedicated web page (blog) is the right solution. I'll RSS subscribe to this one as well.

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