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This Week in PSC (091)

  • Continued discussing the lack of reviews for PRs. Maybe we need a bit of a defined process for how to review small/medium/big PRs
  • Paul suggested he might find time to begin implementing qt{} strings soon
  • HTTPS support in core still needs a project manager to help coördinate the efforts

We won’t be meeting next week due to the Christmas holidays. Next meeting may be 30th or may be in 2023.

This Week in PSC (090)

Just Paul and Rik, Philippe could not join us today.

  • We talked about the difficulty of taking work that the author thinks is good, and may commit, but on which no significant feedback has been received. Rik will post more about this a bit later.
  • We ran through the RFC tracker, putting the “updating ' as package separator” for Tony Cook’s pull request, and resetting the counter on the ?-> implementation, as Veesh G. has begun taking a crack at that.

This Week in PSC (089)

Back to the full three of us. Not much needed looking at this week.

  • Posted the smartmatch deprecation message to p5p@; will post it to blogs etc.. after a round of responses.
  • Sent off a reminder that we're looking for help or a project manager on getting SSL support out of the box.
  • Reviewed the RFC tracker and found some that are ready to implement but not nobody has started; they are nearing their expiry time. These are:
    • ${^ENGLISH_NAME} aliases for punctuation variables
    • Optional chaining
    • Drop support for ' as package name separator /users/psc/2022/12/index.html

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