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This Week in PSC (088)

A smaller-than-usual meeting because of the US Holiday; only Paul and Philippe today.

  • We remembered we still need to write the announcement for deprecating smartmatch
  • We need to resync with Neil about how "SSL in Core" investigations are going
  • Reviewed RFCs and found a shortlist of "soon to expire" ones. A nudge email will be sent to the RFC sponsors.

This Week in PSC (087)

  • We talked about announcing the deprecation of smartmatch. We will work on wording for a new post and send that out soon, outlining our current plans.
  • Paul has a (draft) PR to ad…

This Week in PSC (086)

We're trying out new ways to send out these regular announcements of what we get up to on the Perl Steering Council. This will be a regular posting that gives a brief summary of what we discussed in our weekly (or at least, near-weekly, give or take scheduling clashes) meetings.

  • Internals docs (such as perlguts, perlapi) could be done better, but it's unclear how. Some new documents might be useful, but there's a risk of spending too much time on obscure internal specifics that almost nobody will ever need to read about or touch.
  • Smartmatch deprecation…

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