This Week in PSC (095)

A busy meeting today, we talked about quite a few things:

  • Smartmatch deprecation continues. Some upstream PRs have been raised, awaiting CPAN releases
  • Refaliasing might be able to be deëxperimentalized if we add a warning on the currently-failing closure capture cases
  • RFC0013 highlights a deficiency in the API shape. Perhaps an opt-in new calling convention is required to make it more flexible. Paul will write another post to the mailing list with more detail
  • Mithaldu’s objection to the suggestion to deprecate map EXPR, LIST suggests that maybe a more powerful debugger “run until next statement” command would be good
  • The interaction of List::Keywords + autovivification highlights the overall problem with highly-pluggable extensible systems - sometimes extensions conflict. We just have to keep this in mind and not have too high expectations that “everything will be fine if we load 20 different plugins”
  • That said, maybe there are some CPAN extensions that ought to be part of the core language - autovivification for example
  • We’ve run out of devel release volunteers now. We need some people to volunteer for 5.37.9, .10, .11, (maybe .12?). Also maybe 5.38.0

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