This week in PSC (102)

Topics discussed:

  • Bug reporting by email: we commit to nothing as an organisation. Some would-be submitters of issues don’t want to use GitHub. They can just send an email to perl5-porters and hope that some helpful soul will copy-paste to GitHub. We encourage the conventional use of GitHub.
  • On the topic email bug reports, it’s likely time to deprecate perlbug as a way to send bug reports. It could be updated to point the user to GitHub, and to print perl -V output (etc.) to copy and paste. We should also have a better set of templates for issues on GitHub.
  • The segfaults on feature-class and refaliasing won’t be fixed before 5.38, and should just be documented as “known bugs”
  • After we discussed renaming RFC to PPC, the general sentiment seemed to be “in favor”, so we’re going to make the rename
  • Rik volunteered to release 5.38, we still need a release manager for 5.37.11
  • Some discussions about preparing the Perl Toolchain Summit plans (which will host the first ever in-person PSC meeting)

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