This week in PSC (103)

Paul, Philippe, and Ricardo had our mostly-weekly Zoom call today.

We began by discussing last week, when Pete K from TPRF joined us and we talked about what TPRF could do to help p5p. (Main topics then, which didn’t get any firm action items, were support for critical infrastructure and services and bounties for implementation of PPCs.)

Most of our time this week was spent on the upcoming v5.38.0 release, especially what might be blocking it. (Notable: two new deprecation warnings added in the last two releases — smartmatch, and tick as package separator.)

We discussed strategies used by other languages to make things more attractive for developers, like batteries included. We didn’t end up with any plan of action from this.

In a few weeks, we’ll all be in one place, and look forward to looking carefully at the color of Chartreuse.

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