August 2023 Archives

This week in PSC (114) | 2023-08-31

This week, we talked about:

  • the recent quietness of the perl5-porters list
  • PPC 0013 and the use of a lexical feature (join_with_concat) to enable concat magic
  • inclusion of stringify (OP_STRINGIFY) and numify functions in the builtin namespace
  • turning the UNIVERSAL::import deprecation warning into a regular warning so as not to imply a removal timescale

This week in PSC (113) | 2023-08-24

The three of us met today, and we:

  • updated the status of stalled PPCs (after discussion with the proposers)
  • assigned a number (0023) to the map my $x { } PPC
  • discussed the evaluation order issue related to PPC 0021 (optional chaining)
  • decided that future rejected PPCs should have a section that details why they were rejected
  • discussed the tooling around the publication of dual-life modules on CPAN

This week in PSC (112) | 2023-08-17

This week, for its first meeting, the new PSC:

  • discussed the nature of typing systems for Perl and what properties we find desirable vs not
  • worked out a release schedule for the next few months of devel releases
  • reviewed the PPC Tracker document. A few are now done, the rest need remainder nudge emails to their respective proposers

This week in PSC (111) | 2023-08-11

Today was PSC 111 — what happened to 110 you ask? Well, it was a bit of a non-meeting a few weeks ago. Nothing to say about it, sorry!

This week, we:

  • Said hello to Graham and goodbye to Rik
  • We did a bunch of handover, making sure we set up a new Zoom meeting and calendar, and talking about our usual order of business

In more normal business, we:

  • talked about the future of use vX, especially related to builtin:: stuff — do we want “use v5.40” to import “builtin::refaddr” for example
  • talked about what we’re going to do with the UNIVERSAL::import changes so we can move it forward toward someday making it fatal but without breaking half of CPAN at once

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